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When Should I Rebook?

Have you had a lash and/or brow appointment recently and are not sure when you should be rebooking? Here is a quick guide for each appointment type!


​How Long Should I Wait?

Any Extra Info

Brow Wax/Tweeze

​4 weeks

​You can get a brow wax every week if you really want to! Time may vary person to person but, 4 weeks is usually perfect as that is the average hair growth cycle length.

​Brow Tint

Does Not Matter! But it will usually last 2-3 weeks

You can get a brow tint as often as you want. Most people will wait until their brow wax appointment to get a tint a the same time, but you can always come in earlier if you want!

​Lash Lift

At least 8 weeks

As a lash lift is a chemical process, we don't want to do it too often! On average, it will last approx 6-8 weeks but i do prefer for my clients to have fully grown out the lift before getting a new one to avoid over processing the lashes and causing damage.

Lash Tint

Does Not Matter! But will last approx 3 weeks

Similar to a brow tint, you could get a lash tint as often as you want!

Brow Lamination

8-12 weeks

Brow Lamination, like a lash lift, is a chemical process. As the brow hairs are a lot thinner than lashes and the product also touches your skin, please wait until the brow lam has completely grown out before getting it done again.

Hybrid Brow Dye

Does not matter!

Hybrid Brow Dye will stain the skin for up to 7 days and dye the hairs for up to 7 weeks. Its totally up to you how often you come in! If you love the skin stain you can come in more often!

Lash Extensions

Every 2-3 weeks

Lash extensions must be infilled every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking full. I recommend booking a few appointments in advance to make sure you don't miss out! Any more than 3.5-4 weeks since your last appointment is no longer classed as in infill and will require a full set to be done.

Lip Wax, Chin Wax, Sides of Face Wax

4 weeks

Similar to your brow wax, you facial waxing will follow a growth cycle of approx 4 weeks.

As you can see, most services can be done every 4 or 8 weeks. So what a lot of my clients do is come in every 4 weeks and have brow wax, brow tint and lash tint done and then every second appointment, we can do lash lift and brow lamination! This will ensure we don't damage any lashes or brows, but they are always in top shape!

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