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Did you know that I wax eyebrows with the client sitting up instead of laying down?

When you lay down flat, your entire face changes, gravity is not our friend in this circumstance 😂.

Having you sitting up in front of me allows me to see your eyebrows the same way that everyone does when they talk to you, or when you look in the mirror. This lets me shape them the correct way to give you the best brows possible!

Are you sick of going to get your brows done and walking out with them too thin?

Do you have thin brows and want to grow them out to be fuller and thicker? Want a brow tint to define and give the illusion of fuller brows, but don’t want them black!? Or maybe you love your brows as they are and just need them tidied up.

I can help with all of your brow dilemmas!

Book online or send me a message if you have any questions! After hours appointments are available on Wednesdays.

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