• Sam Mooney

How to Prepare for your Hair and Makeup Booking (or wedding day!!)

  • Wear a top that you can take off easily without pulling it over your head! We don't want to smudge makeup or pull out hair!

  • Have a lipstick/gloss to touch up with during the day after I leave.

  • If I am coming to you, please provide a large space for me/my team to set up on. A dining room table or bench works great! Somewhere with lots of natural lighting. I will also need access to a power point close by if you are having hair done as well.

  • A bar stool/taller chair is preferred for makeup application

  • A normal chair is fine for hair, if you have one with a lower back, that will be perfect!


  • Please wash your hair the day before your booking so it is clean and dry for me. Please do not put any product in your hair.

  • If you have frizzy/curly hair you can straighten it or have it professionally blow dried straight at a hairdressers.

  • Please do not have wet hair when I/we arrive. If you do, you may be charged extra for a blow dry as it adds on a lot of extra time.

  • If you are getting your hair cut and/or coloured before the wedding, please do so at least a few days before the wedding. Freshly coloured and cut hair does not style as well.

  • If you want some lose bit/curls to frame your face, ask your hairdresser to cut the front bits of your hair to the correct length. If they are too long, they look out of place.


  • Ensure your face is clean and makeup free before your appointment.

  • You can do your normal skin care routine in the morning before I arrive (be cautious of SPF as it can cause flashback in flash photography and will make your face look white).

  • Please exfoliate and moisturise the night before so your skin is free of all dead skin cells - this will allow the makeup to sit on your skin a lot nicer

  • You can get regular facial leading up to your wedding if you'd like. I recommend starting around 6 months before though.

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