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Hair Extensions!

Brides (and hair clients) always ask me whether or not they should get hair extensions for their big day. If this photo doesn’t answer the questions for you, I’m not sure what will!

The photo on the left is what we did at the trial. As you can see, she has quite fine hair. The braid uses a lot of the hair as well, making it look even thinner. The pic on the right was her wedding day with a 5 piece set of clip in extensions added in. They are just being used to add fullness, not length. We were able to get a much neater and fuller style as the curls were able to hold themselves up and the hair in the braid didn't take any away from the fullness underneath!

If you already have thick hair then it’s most likely not necessary. For updos, I do have padding to add into the hair so also not needed then (if you have shorter hair and want it up, then maybe we can consider extensions, however it may not always work). But if you’re having your hair out or half up half down and your hair is on the thinner side, my answer will always be 100% yes to extensions! Not for the length, but for the volume they add. Hair extensions will help your hair stay in place (especially holding curl) as well as making the style look fuller and just overall amazing! Make sure you get 100% human hair extensions if you’re looking as anything that is not will not be able to be heat styled.

I highly recommend Zala Hair extensions. In fact, I love them so much I became an affiliate because I was always recommending them!

Use the code ‘SAMZALA’ when purchasing to get $15 off and a free gift when you spend over $90.

Here is another example of extensions being used to add fullness to the style. She is using the 'Halo' Extensions.


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